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Buff King Cleaning DISC Pad Brush -Set of Two (Black+Red)- 6 Inches (M14 Thread size)

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  • How to use : Attach and fix this cleaning tool to your standard buffer/car polisher / angle grinder machine ( RPM =2000 to 3000 max)
  • Safety : Please ensure the tool is properly inserted at the machine .
  • Color and Applications :RED (Medium bristle) – Leather , Sofas ,Furniture stains , Glass stains , Marine boats , Car seats ,Car mats, Regular home carpets and General cleaning purpose.
  • Color and Applications :BLACK (Hard bristles) – Accelerate through floor tiles, Swimming pools ,Water tanks, Industrial kitchen, Oily surface, Muddy surface, Heavy plastics , Remove stains from car mats and carpets in seconds!
  • Includes two pcs. of 6″ diameter nylon bristle brush of M14 thread size (Tip : You may use M14 to M10 Convertible adaptor for small polishers/angle grinders)
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Buffing Disc brush is a solution for easy and hassle free cleaning of home carpets . car mats/carpets ,car tyre, household and commercial tiles , kitchen appliance . Just attach to any hand Buffers/Polishers/Angle Grinders(M14 Thread size) and there you go !! Buff King is the most durable rotary cleaning brush available now. For best results, apply light pressure using only the tips of the brush. With this tough design, expect a clean and sparkling surface in a fraction of the time Buff King’s nylon bristles last 6 times longer than regular bristles. The possibilities are endless and satisfaction is guaranteed.Similar to our Buff king Drill Brush , this brush goes off well with horizontal cleaning applications and where the area is relatively wide .

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Weight .600 kg
Dimensions 26 x 13 x 9 cm



6 inches each

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