About Us

UnicoBuy is an Indian E-commerce company that specializes in unique ideas and products, which includes online selling and sharing ideas. Unicobuy was founded in 2017 by Rahul Bhatia while working at a self-owned packaging company, Delhi,NCR. UnicoBuy is an active growing company focusing on fresh ideas .


With thousands of products available to buy online, narrowing down your choices to a single and the most unique product can be overwhelming. Well, at UnicoBuy, you’ll be even more perplexed, since everything we have got to offer you is very much UNIQUE in itself!! This is what our name suggests – UnicoBuy.

Finding some really cool and interesting unique products for your home or office can been everlasting experience. And so with every unique product you buy from our website, we desire to spread a little happiness, positivity and uniqueness around you because we believe that every person wants his surroundings to be unique, which would surely be
loved and admired by the onlookers. Our product categories include both decorative items and useful items. (designed for household and commercial use).

At UnicoBuy, we believe in uniqueness and not the traditional and obsolete ideas. Thus we have curated a one stop shop platform for you where you can find unique product ideas for your home and office. Right from unique cleaning brushes with machine attachment to Decor for your home & garden, our list is huge and interesting that will
catch your eyes!

Remember, this list is just a starting point of our journey. We have a lot more new and unique products coming up for you soon which will be a trendsetter . So stay tuned with us and let’s capture the uniqueness of this world together!



About Madera Furnishings

Internet has brought the markets closer and the consumer is spoilt for choice. From the comfort of their homes and with a click of a button, people have access to a variety of furniture products online. But choosing the right furniture for your home is more than falling in love with its outer beauty and bringing home the furniture products which will last many years to come is a daunting task in itself.

Understanding the desires of customers for high quality and unique products, MADERA FURNISHINGS has come up with a one stop solution for all your home and office requirements. Bring life to your home with lush, vibrant and eco friendly furniture items which have been styled and constructed using reclaimed wood.

So what sets MADERA FURNISHINGS apart from other online shopping websites?

High quality products designed with reclaimed wood which have distinct details and thus are different from traditional furniture products. Your search for unique and aesthetically designed home and office products ends here. Whether it is center table for your living room, coffee table, garden planters, wall hanging or handmade garden decor, Madera Furnishings has it all.

Want to spice up the bedroom décor? looking for the best coffee experiences? All this and more! Madera Furnishings has an array of eco friendly furniture products, your one stop shop platform for unique furniture with affordable pricing.

So get away from the mundanity of life and find the perfect furniture pieces for your home and office – unique, eco-friendly, yet solid and durable.

The journey of creating revolutionized products has just begun. Stay tuned for regular updates about new launches and be among the first ones to own trending objects.   Be Unique, Be Happy!